Member Spotlight - Jenna Moore


Jenna Moore, MS, RD, LD

Registered Dietitian - Outpatient Dialysis, Fresenius Kidney Care

Tell us about your job. I assess the nutrition needs of approximately 135 patients between the clinics in Oxford, MS and Holly Springs, MS on a monthly basis by charting their lab results for the month, make any needed medication recommendations for their bone and mineral metabolism health, discuss the patient’s lab results with them personally to help them make any needed dietary changes to better their lab results for the next month, and complete the necessary paperwork for each patient for any given month.


What do you find most interesting about your job? I love being able to teach my patients about how to take care of themselves from the nutritional standpoint, which helps them live longer, healthier lives.


How did you get into this field? I had initially started my college career as a pre-pharmacy major but could not pass the required course in Calculus, so I changed my major after one semester.  Plus, I had always had an interest in being healthy and was always bugging my family about making healthier choices.


Where were you born and raised? I was born in Union City, TN and was raised in Dresden, TN and Tupelo, MS.


Where did you go to college and/or complete and internship? I went to Northeast Mississippi Community College and the University of Mississippi for my undergraduate degree in Dietetics and Nutrition.  I went to the University of Southern Mississippi to complete my master’s degree in Human Nutrition.  I completed my dietetic internship at Tulane University.


Besides your profession, what are your hobbies? Reading, spending time with my family, watching HGTV


What are your favorite foods? Turnip greens; just about anything my husband makes, especially his homemade baked beans, red beans and rice, chicken and dumplings, and lasagna


What is on your bucket list? Visit my in-laws in Florida while my children are still relatively young and before my in-laws get to where they are not able to handle visitors physically (they are elderly); Visit a tropical island of some sort


How long have you been a member of NEP DPG? And why did you join? I’ve been a member of the NEP DPG for about 1 ½ years.  I joined because I have a love of educating people about better nutrition in any aspect of the public.


Any other interesting things you'd like to share with NEP members?

I love to read the Bible, anything by Joyce Meyer or is nutrition-related, and listen to music by Chris Tomlin. I am very much a grammar nerd and am in my fourth year as the Diet Manual Manager for the Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I am married to a man that is 17 years my senior.