Member Spotlight - Joanna Morillo


Joanna Morillo, MS, RD, CDN



Tell us about your job.

I work for a contract food service company in K-12 schools.  In my district, I assist in menu preparation and working with school nurses to ensure that we are meeting the needs of students with allergies. I conduct nutrition education in the classroom and cafeteria, providing samples of foods that may be new to students and hold taste testing events to evaluate new recipes. I also assist with staff training and monitor compliance with federal and state guidelines and policies in my home district, and throughout the state as well. I work with a local hunger prevention group to provide nutrition education in the community. Recently, I have started to host dietetic interns who are completing their food service rotations.


What do you find most interesting about your job?

I enjoy providing nutrition education to students. It’s so rewarding when they are willing to try a new food, and like it! My job is flexible and provides many opportunities to vary what I do on a daily basis.


How did you get into this field?

Due to my previous career as a pastry chef,  I really enjoyed my food service rotations in my dietetics program  and chose to complete research on plate waste in schools for my Master’s Degree. The challenge of serving food that students enjoy while also meeting strict guidelines was appealing to me. 


Where were you born and raised?

Plymouth, CT


Where did you go to college and/or complete an intership?
I went to Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI for degrees in Baking & Pastry and Foodservice Entrepreneurship.  I returned to school at University of Connecticut for a Bachelor’s in Nutrition, followed by the a degree in Health Promotion via the Master’s Coordinated Program at UConn.


Besides your profession, what are your hobbies?

I enjoy walking and hiking with my dog, wine tasting, reading, and crafts.


What are your favorite foods?

Pizza, chocolate, mango


What is on your bucket list?

Doing SUP yoga! Visiting Hawaii, the UK, more of Italy (a lot of travel, in general!)


How long have you been a member of NEP, and why did you join?

 I just joined this past spring! A former classmate of mine told me about the group last year at FNCE.