Member Spotlight - Stacia Nordin


Stacia Nordin, RD


Tell us a little about yourself.

I've worked as a registered dietitian for 23 years, with 20 of those years being in the Caribbean and Africa. Nutrition education has been central to all my work trying to help people start their nutrition from their agriculture and environment, which provides us with most of our nutrients.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your mission, Never Ending Food, which focuses on permaculture (the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient) and nutrition.

Permaculture Design started as an agricultural concept but has developed into much more. Permaculture Design is applied to anything that human's need and is based on three ethics:

  • Care for the earth. 
  • Care for people.  
  • Sharing and being fair.

The reason we started our quest to learn more about our resources and their sustainable design was to improve nutrition, and it works. We can have better food, water. sanitation, hygiene, energy, infrastructure. soil fertility and natural health products - everything we need for great nutrition, and so much more. 

We, my husband Kristof and I, learned about permaculture in Malawi in 1997 and the ideas clicked for us; pulling together many bits and pieces of sustainable living into a well thought out, sensible, well-designed and highly efficient system.

We became more enthused, more amazed at the gifts we've been given on this earth and the natural systems which sustain them. If all our resources were respected, cared for, studied and understood we could be thriving - all of us: humans, other animals, insects, soil, plants, water - everything. Instead we find ourself in just the opposite situation. 

We are on a path of never ending observation, discussion, sharing and improving.  After a few years of learning we started certifying others in permaculture design and received our permaculture diplomas. We practice everything we teach and welcome visitors to our home to share ideas, skills, experience and resources on designing for sustainable living: Permaculture.


How can NEP members become more involved in this or similar efforts? Can you share some resources?

Everyone everywhere can apply Permaculture Design to their lives and work. NEP members are, or striving to become, experts in helping all different types of people understand nutrition and apply healthier skills and behaviors.

NEP members can discover connections with their clients between sources of food, water and other items needed for optimal nutrition and the systems from which they come. Learn how to choose and advocate for the highest quality, sustainably produced products.

Look at your own life and improve what you buy, beyond just the nutrients that they provide. Look at the waste you produce, can you turn it into resource for producing better soil, water, food or energy?  These are all needed for better nutrition. Help the world go round and round in circles. Don't block it from what it does best: sustain itself and us.


Nutrition Education for the Public DPG is committed to helping individuals understand and utilize vital nutrition information. How has being a member of this DPG assisted in your career development?

Resources. Tools. Ideas. Passion. So many things I learn from the electronic mailing list (EML) are practical, adaptable and achievable. A lot of what I learn from NEP is fun, too! We need more positive people and groups in our lives.  

I hope we can take on the difficult issues together, too. Our food and water systems really need our help.  Money has clouded our generations' behaviors and judgement. Let's get our priorities back on track and improve our designs so that the next generation is left with a world. 


Interview by Carol Berg Sloan RD